Difficulty Level

Lupine Systems offers articles to the general public FREE of charge for private non-commercial educational and amusement purposes. We hope you enjoy building our projects.

But before you decide to build, review the Rating on each project. We rate our projects in "Howls".

The fewer Howls, the easier the project.

One Howl Easiest, recommended for early beginners with no experience
Two Howls Advanced Beginners level. Some experience required.
Three Howls Amateur Level. Experience required, but could be mastered by the advanced beginner if you spend some time and take it easy.
Four Howls Technical prerequisite required. Advanced circuitry, difficult soldering and complex assembly involved.
Five Howls Professional Experience Required. At least 5 years experience and/or College Education in Electronics Engineering. These are ADVANCED KITS and are not for beginners.

If you have any questions about any of our articles, please send your inquiries to Woofy!

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