Universal Composite Sync Separator

by Spike Tsasmali

Have you ever run into the problem of connecting an older monitor to a new JAMMA game, finding out that you cannot make it sync up no matter what you do? Well, the problem may be that your monitor requires non-composite or positive sync. This is especially true on many early Wells-Gardner monitors and some Japanese brands. The only way to make your game work properly is to separate the composite negative sync into "primatives", or non-composite separate sync signals and properly polarize them.

This task has always been an enigma for most people, however it is actually a simple process. You can build this very simple Sync Separator which will accept composite negative sync (like the sync generated by JAMMA games) and split it into primatives. With this project, you can generate:

  • Negative Horizontal sync
  • Negative Vertical sync
  • Positive Horizontal sync
  • Positive Vertical sync
  • Positive Composite sync
  • Buffered Negative Composite sync
  • ...all at the same time!

    Download the file, sync.pcb from the Lupine Systems Download site. For this project, the entire PC board layout, schematic and parts list are ALL on the 1 Mid Layer. Be sure you have the 1 Mid Layer toggled ON in EasyTrax or you will not find ANYTHING in this file!

    This project can easily be assembled on the simple single-sided PC board provided in the layout file or can be breadboarded using Pad-Per-Hole board. Although all of the parts you need can be purchased at Radio Shack for less than $10 you will most likely find most of the parts you need in your junk box.

    Remember that Lupine Systems offers complete parts kits less PC board for all items mentioned on the website. Just send an E-mail to WOOFY for more information!

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