Audio Amplifier for Nintendo Games

by Spike Tsasmali

Now that we have tackled the inverted video problem (article, "How to Get Rid of Nintendo Video Inverter") and you can replace your old Nintendo monitor with a new modern regular RGB monitor, you will now notice that you have no sound!

Don't Panic! You can also build this small but efficient audio amp to replace the now missing audio amp in your Donkey Kong cabinet.

This universal amplifier uses the common TDA-2002 5 watt amplifier. It operates from +12v and is easily installed in any game (not just Nintendo) which needs an additional or replacement audio amplifier.

Download the PC board file, uniamp.pcb from the Lupine Systems Download Site. The Schematic and Component Placement diagram are both on the 1 Mid Layer of the layout file.

This project can easily be assembled on the PC board layout provided or can be breadboarded using pad-per-hole board. Be sure to install a heatsink for the TDA-2002.

Remember that Lupine Systems offers complete parts kits less PC board for all items mentioned on the website. Just send an E-mail to WOOFY for more information!

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